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5 of the Best Coupon Apps for Shopify

If you’re looking for some unique ways to offer coupon codes to your customers, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  We’ve found Shopify apps to help you automatically send coupon codes to people when they subscribe to your mailing list, offer promo codes to your site’s visitors in exchange for following your business on social networks, create discounts for clients based on their specific geographic locations, and more.

Better Coupon Box


Better Coupon Box adds a popup box to your online store which will provide your visitors with a coupon code in exchange for following your brand on social media.  This coupon Shopify app features a responsive design, easy customization, and support for Facebook, Google+, Pinterest, and Twitter.

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Coupon Carrier for MailChimp


If you use MailChimp to manage your company’s newsletter, then you have to check out Coupon Carrier.  When someone subscribes to your mailing list, this coupon Shopify app will automatically send a unique promo code to them via email, giving your store’s visitors an incentive to sign up for your brand’s newsletter.

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Exit And Leaving Coupon Offers


This Shopify coupon app will display a promo code when someone visits or leaves your ecommerce website, which can help increase your store’s conversion rate.  Plus, Exit and Leaving Coupon Offers includes 4 styles of popup boxes for you to choose from, and it has a user-friendly interface.

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Cool Coupon


If you’re looking for a Shopify app to help turn first-time shoppers into repeat customers, then you have to check out Cool Coupon.  A week or a month after someone orders from your store, this coupon Shopify app will automatically send them a discount code, giving them a reason to purchase more items from your site.

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Darwin Pricing – Geo-Targeted Promotions


This coupon Shopify app allows you to target specific geographical locations with discount codes created especially for particular areas.  Darwin Pricing generates unique offers for specific cities with the help of economic data, and it uses A/B testing to help determine which coupon code provides the best conversion rate.

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