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5 of the Best Shopify Apps for Size Guides

If you want to decrease the number of returns you get due to fit issues, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  We’ve found Shopify apps to help you add size guides to your store’s website for clothing, jewelry, and shoes, so your shoppers will have a better idea of how your products will actually fit them.


stylekey shopify apps size guides
This Shopify app helps your customers buy your products in their correct sizes by allowing you to add measurements for all of the items you carry.  Then, your clients enter in their own measurements, and as they browse your website, StyleKey will tell them which size they should order a product in, as well as how it will fit various parts of their bodies.

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Size Matters

shopify apps size guides matters

Size Matters lets you easily create unlimited size guides which you can then display on the appropriate product pages using code snippets and product tags.  Plus, this free Shopify app comes with a user-friendly interface, and you can customize the appearance of your size guides by editing the CSS.

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Online Ring Sizer

online ring sizer shopify apps size guides

This Shopify app is a must for jewelry stores because it allows you to easily add a size chart for rings to your website.  Online Ring Sizer can help you increase sales and decrease returns by improving consumer confidence and reduce the number of orders people have to send back because their jewelry doesn’t fit.

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fitfyle shopify apps size guides

FitFyle helps your store’s shoppers order your clothing and shoes in their correct sizes, so people are less likely to return items.  This Shopify app lets you add the measurements for all of your products, and then your customers enter their measurements, allowing your website to recommend the appropriate size for each of your items.

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Msure.it – Size Charts without maintenance

msureit shopify apps size guides

This Shopify app allows you to add size charts for tons of different brands because they’ve collected clothing and footwear measurements for loads of companies.  Plus, Msure.it has a responsive design, so your size guides will look great on mobile devices and tablets, and it will provide you with analytics to help you track views, returns, orders, and clicks.

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