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7 of the Best Instagram Shopify Apps & Plugins

If you’re looking for some tools to help you integrate Instagram into your online store, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify plugins allow you to create shoppable galleries of your Instagram images, reward people for posting pictures of your merchandise on Instagram, add an Instagram feed to your website, and more.  Instagram is one of the most popular social networks available today, so it’s incredibly important for you to integrate this awesome app into your store’s website.

Instagram Feed by Expert Village Media

instagram shopify apps feed

This Shopify app allows you to add an Instagram feed anywhere on your store’s website, and you can choose exactly how many images you want to display on your site.  Plus, Instagram Feed by Expert Village Media lets you change your feed’s overlay and font colors, and it’s very simple to install and configure.

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Shop by Instagram

shop by instagram shopify apps

Shop by Instagram makes it easy for you to display an Instagram feed on your store’s site, and it even enables shoppers to click on images to purchase products featured in the pictures.  This Shopify app has a responsive layout, so it’s compatible with mobile devices, and it comes with slideshow and grid layout options and support for tagging multiple items in an image.

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socialshopping instagram shopify apps

This Shopify app enables you to embed images from Instagram into your website, and it comes with support for unlimited photo albums.  SocialShopping also offers a responsive design, so it works well with tablets and smartphones, and it includes a live preview feature and easy installation.

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instafeed instagram shopify apps

Instafeed lets you showcase images from your store’s Instagram account via a feed on your website, and it even enables you to choose the number of pictures you want to display, as well as the size of the photos.  Plus, this Shopify app allows you to add your Instagram feed anywhere on your site, and it offers easy installation and a lightweight design.

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Incent Social – Instagram Marketing Suite

incent instagram shopify apps

This Shopify app helps you improve your brand awareness by enabling you to reward your customers when they post images of your products on Instagram, and you can even use Incent Social – Instagram Marketing Suite to create and manage Instagram contests.  This Shopify app will track and authenticate posts, as well as automatically send emails to people with their rewards for sharing content on Instagram.

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evocative instagram shopify apps
Evocative lets you display galleries of Instagram images on your store’s website that shoppers can click on to buy your products, making it a cool and interactive way to showcase your company’s merchandise.  Plus, this Shopify app comes with a media rights management tool that allows you to easily ask people for permission to share their pictures on your site.

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Instagram Feed + Shop

instagram shopify apps feedshop

This Shopify app enables you to create shoppable galleries of your Instagram images, allowing people to easily purchase the merchandise featured in your posts.  Instagram Feed + Shop also comes with a slider that you can add to your store to showcase your photos in a dynamic way, and it has a very user-friendly interface.

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Hopefully these Shopify apps and plugins have provided you with lots of different ideas about how you can integrate Instagram into your online store!  By incorporating this social networking into your store’s website, as well your company’s marketing plans, you should be able to improve your shop’s brand awareness and sales.

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