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8 of the Best SEO Shopify Apps

If you’re looking for some ways to help you improve your store’s traffic and sales, then you have to check out these SEO Shopify apps.  SEO, or search engine optimization, can help you improve your website’s search engine rankings, which can help you increase the number of people who visit your shop and purchase your products.  In order to help you improve your site’s SEO, we’ve found Shopify plugins designed to help you add meta tags to your images, pages, and posts, conduct keyword research to determine the terms people are searching form, compress your images to improve your store’s load times, get quality backlinks to your shop, and more.


reload seo shopify apps plugin

This SEO Shopify app enables you to improve your store’s search engine optimization by helping you do keyword research to determine the terms people use when they’re looking for the products you sell.  Plus, ReloadSEO comes with a live content grader that offers you useful feedback about how you can improve your website’s product descriptions, categories, pages, and meta descriptions to get better search engine rankings.

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Linkcious SEO Power Up

linkcious seo shopify apps plugin

Linkcious SEO Power Up helps you improve your store’s search engine rankings by making it easy for you to increase the number of other website’s linking to you shop, and it even comes with a recommendation engine that will get your products displayed on other sites.  This Shopify SEO plugin comes with easy color, border, layout, and theme customization, support for manual recommendation selections, Google DFP compatibility, and more.

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SEO & Social Meta Manager

social seo shopify apps plugin

This SEO Shopify allows you to easily create custom page titles and descriptions for your products, which can help you improve your search engine rankings and attract the attention of more potential customers.  SEO & Social Meta Manager also lets you control how your company’s links, text, and images are shared on social networking sites like Google+, Facebook, and Twitter, enabling your business to stand out from the competition.

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Image Optimizer – image compression and image optimization

image optimizer seo shopify apps plugin

Image Optimizer can help you improve your store’s SEO by compressing your images by as much as 50-60%.  By making your website’s image files significantly smaller, you can drastically reduce the amount of time it takes your shop to load.  Load times play an important role in how Google determines search engine rankings, so optimizing your images can improve your store’s SEO and sales.

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Ultra SEO

ultra seo shopify apps plugin

Meta tags are significant factor in your website’s SEO, so this Shopify plugin makes it easy for you to change every description and title in your store, including author tags and keywords.  Plus, Ultra SEO comes with one-click installation, a free trial, and a user-friendly design, making it a Shopify app worth trying.

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SEO Scan Pro

scan seo shopify apps plugin

SEO Scan Pro is a comprehensive search engine optimization tool designed to help you improve your store’s search engine rankings, and it comes with lots of features, including a rank checker, social tracking tools, a website auditor, and a backlink quality checker.  This SEO Shopify app will also email you a custom report every week to keep you up to date on your site, and it even includes competition tracking tools to help you get ahead of your competitors.

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TurboSEO – One-click JSON-LD

turbo seo shopify apps plugin

This SEO Shopify plugin will automatically add extra information to the data displayed in search engine results, such as reviews, stock levels, page breadcrumbs, and prices, making your store stand our from the competition. By including these extra details, TurboSEO can help improve the traffic to your website, which can ultimately result in increased sales and revenue.

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SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps

image optimizer seo shopify apps plugin

SEO Image Optimizer by Booster Apps makes it incredibly easy for you to add alt tags to your store’s product images, which can significantly improve your site’s search engine rankings for image searches.  Lots of people use Google Image Search to shop for items, so using tags to optimize your website’s photos can help your SEO, traffic, and sales.

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