11 of the Best Live Chat Shopify Apps

If you’re looking for a tool to help you reduce shopping cart abandonment, increase sales, and communicate quickly with your store’s potential visitors, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  All of these Shopify plugins allow you to chat with your site’s visitors, and they come with awesome features like support for audio and video chat, easy chat widget customization, compatibility with lots of third party applications, contact forms, automated messages, statistics and analytics, chat transcripts, and more.

Tidio Live Chat

tidio shopify live chat app

This live chat Shopify app features mobile support, a contact form your visitors can use to get in touch with you when you’re off-line, automated messages, and support for multiple languages.  Tidio Live Chat also offers easy integration, and it will provide you with useful information about your online store’s visitors.

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Zopim Live Chat

zopim shopify live chat app

Zopim Live Chat comes with an intuitive dashboard to help you manage chats and monitor your store’s visitors, and it offers mobile optimization and proactive chat.  Plus, this Shopify live chat app includes a chat widget which you can customize to match your site’s branding, an advanced analytics dashboard, and support for 40+ languages.

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Formilla Live Chat

formilla shopify live chat app

This live chat Shopify app features support for multiple chat agents, private comments, custom fields, multiple languages, mobile devices, and Google Talk.  Plus, Formilla Live Chat includes proactive chat, real-time visitor monitoring, instant installation, advanced customization, an offline email form, and more.

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AsisteClick Live Chat

asisteclick shopify live chat app

AsisteClick Live Chat allows you to assist multiple visitors at the same time, and it includes activity reports to help you keep tabs on how your operators perform.  This live chat Shopify app also features transcriptions, easy implementation, chat transferring, multi-language support, audio and visual chat alerts, and more.

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eAssistance Pro Live Chat

eassistance shopify live chat app

This Shopify live chat app includes 8 different types of chat widgets for you to choose from, a multi-instance login system, and support for multiple languages.  eAssistance Pro Live Chat also offers support for manual or automatic chat invitations, extensive widget customization options, support for all operating systems and browsers, and more.

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Comm100 Live Chat

comm100 shopify live chat app

Comm100 Live Chat comes with visitor tracking and monitoring, intelligent chat invitation, easy customization, comprehensive reports, chat routing, and support for mobile devices.  This Shopify live chat plugin also features support for multiple websites, and it enables your store’s visitors to rate the assistance they received from your operators.

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Hipmob Targeted Live Chat And Cart Recovery

hipmob shopify live chat app

This Shopify live chat app includes compatibility with lots of different applications, such as MailChimp, Zendesk, Campfire, Salesforce, and Hipchat.  Hipmob Targeted Live Chat and Cart Recovery also offers the ability to ban abusive customers, monitor traffic, proactively invite visitors to chat, transfer chats to other operators, receive video and audio new chat notifications, and more.

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ClickDesk Live Chat, Phone & Video for Shopify

clickdesk shopify live chat app

ClickDesk Live Chat, Phone & Video for Shopify features support for video, voice, and live chat, and it comes with real time visitor monitoring.  This Shopify live chat app has a user-friendly chat panel, but you can also interact with potential customers via Skype and Gtalk.  ClickDesk also supports file sharing, simple chat widget customization, and easy email and offline chat management.

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Tiviclick – Video Chat for every website

tiviclick shopify live chat app

This Shopify live chat app allows you to communicate with your store’s visitors face to face via video chat, but it also includes support for text and audio chat.  Tiviclick also features chat transcripts, easy chat widget color customization, simple integration, and a contact form for when no one is available to handle incoming chats.

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mylivechat shopify live chat app

This live chat Shopify app offers support for thousands of visitors, SSL encryption, easy installation, and complete customization.  Plus, mylivechat comes with analytics about your visitors, including the search engines and keywords they used to find your site, traffic monitoring, a spell checker, file sharing, sound effects, multi-language support, and more.

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Live Sales by Yahoo

live sales shopify live chat app

Live Sales by Yahoo will notify you via text or email when a customer who meets specific criteria created by you is browsing your store, allowing you to quickly offer your assistance before they leave your site.  This Shopify live chat plugin also comes with chat transcripts, real time visitor information, and more.

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