15 of the Best Video Shopify Apps

If you want to incorporate video into your store’s marketing, website, or customer service, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  We’ve found Shopify apps to help you give your site a video background, provide support via video, enable your customers to include video messages with their gift orders, create and manage YouTube marketing campaigns, display product videos on your website, send videos to your clients to thank them for their orders, create dynamic and interactive videos, and more.

Video Background

video shopify apps background

This Shopify app allows you to give your store a modern look by letting you display a public YouTube video in your website’s header, background, or featured section.  Plus, Video Background enables you to set your video’s opacity, add padding around the video, mute the audio, and more.

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Tiviclick – Video Chat for every website

tiviclick video shopify apps

Tiviclick lets you take your customer support one step further by enabling you to video chat with your clients, allowing you to offer more personalized assistance to your store’s shoppers.  This Shopify app is easy to install and configure, and it comes with a customizable chat widget and support for multiple languages.

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Visibl Video Marketing

visibl video shopify apps

This Shopify app helps you raise awareness about your brand by allowing you to share your videos with your target audience on mobiles apps, social networks, and popular websites.  Visibl Video Marketing also includes analytics to help you track the efficacy of your campaigns in real-time, as well as a user-friendly platform with support for team collaborations.

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Video on Checkout

video shopify apps on checkout

Video on Checkout lets you add a video at the end of your site’s checkout process, so you can show your appreciation to your customers and provide them with useful information about their purchases in a unique and dynamic way.  Plus, this Shopify app is easy to install and configure, and it allows you to enable and disable auto play.

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StoryXpress – Create Product Videos in Minutes

storyxpress video shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you create product videos quickly and easily, so you can give your store’s shoppers more insight into the look, quality, and functionality of your merchandise.  StoryXpress offers multiple video templates for you to choose from, and it allows you to create HD quality videos.

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POWr Video Gallery

powr video shopify apps gallery

POWr Video Gallery allows you to showcase videos from Vimeo and YouTube on your store’s website, and it comes with support for mobile devices and social sharing.  Plus, this Shopify app comes with lots of templates for you to use, as well as easy color, font, background, and border customization.

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Orderv – Video Emails

orderv video shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you connect with your customers in a unique way by automatically sending them personalized thank you emails after they order something from your store.  Orderv also comes with analytics to help you see who is watching and sharing your videos, and it offers a feedback feature which your clients can use to tell you what they think about your videos.

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Yottie – Shopify YouTube App

yottie video shopify apps

Yottie allows you to add YouTube videos to your online store, so you can enhance your website with tutorials, testimonials, product descriptions, reviews, or a behind the scenes look at your business.  This Shopify app comes with over 100 customization options to help you tweak your videos to your exact needs and preferences, and your videos will look great on mobile devices like phones and tablets.

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Email Marketing by Dynavi

email marketing video shopify apps
This Shopify app enables you to automatically send personalized videos to your clients, and it lets you send one video when someone orders something from your store for the first time and another when a repeat customers buys one of your products.  Plus, Email Marketing by Dynavi even lets you send videos to people who abandon their shopping carts, and it includes analytics to help you gain insight into the effectiveness of your messages.

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DIY Interactive Videos

diy interactive video shopify apps

DIY Interactive Videos makes it easy for you to create customizable transparent clips of people that you can display on your website to help highlight certain features of your store or products.  This Shopify app lets you quickly and effectively remove the backgrounds from your videos, choose the size and position of the videos on your site, and even control whether or not your videos are accompanied by audio when they start playing.

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easyvideo shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you add Vimeo and YouTube videos to your product pages to help your store’s shoppers gain a better understanding of your merchandise.  Plus, EasyVideo comes with one-click installation, simple configuration, and a user-friendly design.

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japkin video shopify apps

Japkin allows your customers to send you video messages with questions which you can respond to with your own video messages, and it even offers support for real-time video chat.  This Shopify app can also be used to get video reviews from your clients about your store’s products or service, and it includes a message button that you can customize to match your company’s existing branding.

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Go Viral

go viral video shopify apps

This Shopify app can help you get more traffic to your store’s site by showing your videos to potential customers on YouTube, and it comes with analytics to help you see how many views your videos have received.  Go Viral also lets you choose which page of your website to send people to when they click on your videos, and it includes a user-friendly interface.

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vift video shopify apps

Vift makes gift-giving even more fun for your customers by allowing them to create a personalized video message which will be emailed to the recipient at the same time their physical present is delivered to their home.  This Shopify app lets you choose the price you charge your clients for this additional feature, so you can use it to increase your company’s revenue.

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spotful video shopify apps

This Shopify app enables you to embed product information, social media, contact forms, and checkout functionality into your videos, allowing your clients to shop, explore, and order your merchandise in a new and interesting way.  Plus, Spotful offers a user-friendly drag and drop interface, an analytics dashboard, social sharing, and more.

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