4 of the Best 360 Degree View Shopify Apps

If you want your store’s customers to be able to get a better look at your products, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  We’ve found Shopify apps that allow your clients to spin images of your items 360 degrees, and they come with useful features like support for mobile devices, auto spin options, user-friendly interfaces, and more.

Magic 360

magic 360 degree shopify apps

This Shopify app allows your store’s customers to spin your products 360°, allowing them to see your merchandise from tons of different angles.  Plus, Magic 360 has a responsive layout, so it’s compatible with phones and tablets, and it comes with a customizable loading message, multiple auto-spin options, a click to magnify feature, and more.

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arqspin 360 degree shopify apps

Arqspin lets your shoppers get a 360 degree view of your merchandise, so there is less confusion about what your products will look like in person.  This Shopify app offers a cloud based editing suite that you can use to customize your spins and the appearance of your images, and it’s compatible with mobile devices.

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Spin Studio

spin studio 360 degree shopify apps

This Shopify app enables you to create 360 degree photos of your products, so your customers can spin your images to see your items from every angle.  Plus, Spin Studio comes with an optional auto-spin feature, a user-friendly interface, support for spinning photos using mouses wheel or buttons, as well as fingers on mobile devices, and more.

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imajize 360 degree shopify apps

Imajize lets your store’s shoppers get a 360º view of your merchandise, allowing your customers to get a detailed look at your items.  This Shopify app includes speed optimization, support for mobile devices, and a user-friendly interface, as well as multiple zoom options, a fullscreen mode, manual and auto spin, and more.

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