4 of the Best Pre-Order Shopify Apps

If you want people to be able to pre-order your products when they’re out of stock or haven’t even been produced yet, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify plugins allow you to offer a pre-order option to your store’s shoppers, and they come with cool features like customizable buttons, analytics, automatic email notifications, and more.

Pre-Order Manager

preorder shopify apps manager

This pre-order Shopify app makes it easy for you to accept orders for out of stock items, and it even lets you choose which products and/or variants can be pre-ordered.  Plus, Pre-Order Manager lets you set start and end dates for when merchandise can be ordered in advance, and it comes with a pre-order button that you can customize with the help of a user-friendly editor.

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Crowdfunder: DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding Campaigns

crowdfunder preorder shopify apps

If you want people to be able to pre-order items that haven’t even been created yet, then you have to check out Crowdfunder: DIY Pre-Order Crowdfunding Campaigns.  This pre-order Shopify app lets people buy your products, but they won’t actually be produced until you sell a specific amount of merchandise.

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PreOrder Me

preorderme preorder shopify apps

PreOrder Me is designed to help you easily manage all of your pre-orders, and it allows you to set specific criteria for each product variant, so you can choose the exact number of items you need to sell before merchandise will be shipped.  Plus, this pre-order Shopify app lets you define when products will be delivered, and it includes customizable labels and buttons that you can change to meet your store’s needs.

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Crowdfunding Manager

crowdfunding preorder shopify apps

This pre-order Shopify plugin allows people to pledge certain amounts of money to help you fund the creation of your products in exchange for receiving those items after they’ve been produced.  Crowdfunding Manager offers support for unlimited campaigns and products, detailed statistics, support for videos on product pages, automatic email notifications to keep customers updated about the status of campaigns, and more.

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