4 of the Best Product Video Shopify Apps

If your Shopify theme doesn’t support product videos, then you have to check out these apps.  These Shopify apps allow you to add videos of your items to your online store, and they come with cool features like support for YouTube and Vimeo, customization options, support for mobile devices, and more.

Automated Product Video Maker

videostratus product video shopify apps

This Shopify app will automatically create videos using pictures and descriptions of your products, and then it will display these videos on your product pages and your YouTube channel and Facebook account.  VideoStratus also lets you customize the appearance of your video player to better match your store’s existing branding.

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Dynavi Product Video

dynavi product video shopify apps

Dynavi Product Video comes with a user-friendly wizard to help you create videos in 3 simple steps, and it includes support for A/B testing to help you determine which videos are producing the sales you want.  This Shopify app also offers YouTube integration to boost your ecommerce website’s search engine rankings, as well as customization options and mobile optimization.

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easyvideo product video shopify apps

This Shopify app enables you to assign Vimeo and YouTube videos to your product images, making it a great option if your theme doesn’t support product videos.  EasyVideo may not automatically work with some themes, so you may need to customize this app’s settings to get it to function with your store.

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Dynavi Video Manager

dynavi product video shopify apps

Dyanvi Video Manager lets you add multiple videos for each of your products, and it comes with support for YouTube and Vimeo videos.  This Shopify app also allows you to import product videos using Excel spreadsheets, and your customers can launch your videos by clicking a play button or thumbnail image, or you can display them inline.

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