5 of the Best Shopify Inventory Management Apps

Managing your online store’s inventory can be tedious, but it’s an important part of keeping your customers happy and your business profitable.  We’ve found some awesome inventory management Shopify apps to help you keep track of your stock, and they come with cool features like multi-currency support, reporting and analytics, revenue forecasts, and more.  By keeping tabs on your shop’s stock levels using at least one of these Shopify apps and plugins, you should be able to improve your sales and customer satisfaction.

TradeGecko Inventory Management

tradegecko inventory management shopify apps

This Shopify inventory management app allows you to manage all of your retail, online, and direct orders using a single system, and it synchronizes your stock levels in real-time.  TradeGecko also comes with support for multiple currencies, detailed analytics and reports, a user-friendly interface, compatibility with mobile devices, and more.

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DataQlick Inventory Management

dataqlick inventory management shopify apps

DataQlick makes it easy for you to manage inventory across multiple sales channels, and it offers simple integration with Xero and QuickBooks.  Plus, this Shopify app includes an intuitive dashboard with color-coded status indicators to help you quickly see when you need to replenish certain items, as well as beautiful charts to show you sales trends.

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Stocky Inventory Management

stocky inventory management shopify apps

This Shopify inventory management app will automatically update your store’s stock levels, and it analyzes past orders and provides you with forecasts to help you predict future sales trends.  Stocky also includes analytics and reports to show you average order values and numbers, lost revenue, the total value of your stock, revenue forecasts, and more.

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Sku IQ Inventory Management

sku iq inventory management shopify apps

Sku IQ Inventory Management lets you synchronize your physical store’s point of sale system with Shopify, allowing you to use a single dashboard to keep track of your stock, prices, and orders.  This Shopify app offers unlimited updates and exports, and it’s compatible with Vend, QuickBooks POS, Retail Pro, Lightspeed Retail, Erply, Clover, Cash Register Express, Square, and Lightspeed Retail.

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Order Management & Inventory Management

order inventory management shopify apps

This Shopify app helps you manage your stores inventory across multiple channels with the aid of barcode scanners, so you can keep your stock levels accurate even if you also sell your merchandise in a physical sale, over the phone, via sales representatives, or on eBay or Amazon. Plus, Order Management & Inventory Management comes with real-time analytics and reports to help you identify your best customers and most popular products.

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Hopefully one of these Shopify apps and plugins will help you keep track of your store’s inventory, enabling you to always know exactly which items your shop has in stock.

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