5 of the Best Contact Form Shopify Apps

If you want to add a contact form to your Shopify website to help your customers get in touch with you quickly and easily, then you have to check out our favorite contact form Shopify apps.  All of these Shopify plugins help you create contact forms, and they come with useful features like spam prevention, easy color and text customization, simple integration, and more.

Contact Form

contact form shopify app

This contact form Shopify app will add a tab to every page of your website, which allows your store’s visitors to get in touch with you quickly and easily.  Contact Form offers support for unlimited emails, spam prevention, easy color customization, simple integration, no template modifications, and more.

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Quick Contact Form

quick contact form shopify app

If you want an incredibly easy way to add a contact form to your online store, then you have to check out this Shopify app.  Quick Contact Form is fast and easy to install, and it will display a contact tab on your website which visitors can click to open up a lightbox with a simple contact form.

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Improved Contact Form

improved contact form shopify app

Improved Contact Form will add a contact page and widget to your store’s website which you can customize with your desired fields.  Plus, this contact form Shopify app provides you with useful information about the person who submitted the message, including their location based on their IP address, the pages they viewed on your site before making contact, and the way they found your store.

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POWr Form Builder

powr form builder shopify app

This Shopify app allows you to easily create forms for your online store, and it enables you to add unlimited fields for required and optional email addresses, checkboxes, text, radio buttons, and dropdowns.  POWr Forms Builder also includes a responsive design, automated email notifications, customizable submission messages, and data storage.

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inbox contact form shopify app

If you want to add a contact form and tab to your Shopify website, then you have to check out Inbox.  This Shopify app offers easy customization, so you can change the color, text, and position of your contact tab, edit your contact form strings and settings, and more.

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