5 of the Best Cookie Law Shopify Apps

If you need to comply with the European Union’s cookie policy, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  All of these Shopify apps will help you display a cookie notice on your website, and they come with useful features like responsive layouts, easy color customization, lightweight designs, and more.

Cookie Lawyer

cookie lawyer shopify apps

This Shopify app will automatically present a cookie notice to all of your customers from European Union countries when they they visit your website, which will help you stay in compliance with this EU law.  Plus, Cookie Lawyer is easy to install, and it offers a customizable design.

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EU Cookie

eu cookie law shopify apps

EU Cookie will display an overlay notice to your online store’s EU visitors, and it comes with 4 different styles for you to choose from.  Plus, this Shopify app includes easy customization, and it has a responsive layout, so it will work well on tablets, smart phones, laptops, and PCs.

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Europe Cookie Notice

europe cookie law shopify apps notice

This Shopify app lets you show your cookie notice to all of your customers or just your visitors from the European Union, and it offers user-friendly color and text customization.  Plus, European Cookie Notice has a lightweight design, and it is easy to install and use.

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EU Cookie Privacy Solution

eu cookie law shopify apps privacy

EU Cookie Privacy Solution will display a notice to your store’s customers when they visit your website, and it is extremely lightweight.  This Shopify app also has a responsive layout, and it includes customization options to help you easily change the size, position, color, and text of your notice.

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European Cookie Policy Banner

european cookie law shopify apps policy banner

This Shopify app will ad a simple banner to your online store notifying your visitors about your use of cookies, and it lets you customize the color and position of the notice.  European Cookie Policy Banner also has a responsive layout, so it is compatible with smart phones, tablets, PCs, and laptops.

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