5 of the Best Email Marketing BigCommerce Apps

If you’re looking for some email marketing BigCommerce apps to help you send messages to grow your business and increase your sales, then you have to check out these plugins. This email marketing apps come with great features like email scheduling, detailed analytics and reporting, support for automated messages, responsive designs for mobile devices, and customizable pre-designed templates. Plus, some of these BigCommerce email marketing apps offer customer segmentation, which means you can send targeted messages to specific client groups.

Constant Contact

constant contact email marketing bigcommerce apps

This email marketing BigCommerce app makes it easy for you to create responsive messages that are compatible with mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. Plus, Constant Contact enables you to send automated emails to your clients, making it incredibly simple for you to send out special messages to your customers when they create accounts or celebrate an anniversaries or birthdays. Plus, this email marketing BigCommerce plugin comes with real-time analytics, so you can track the efficacy of your email campaigns.

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mailchimp email marketing bigcommerce apps

MailChimp allows you to easily send emails to your clients with personalized product recommendations, which can help you increase your sales and profits. This email marketing app also enables you to set up targeted campaigns, so you can send specific messages to certain types of customers. Plus, MailChimp offers detailed analytics and reporting, making it possible for you to determine the success of your marketing campaigns.

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eCommerce Email Marketing by Soundest

soundest email marketing bigcommerce apps

This BigCommerce email marketing app comes with support for automated welcome emails, custom reactivation messages, order follow-ups, and cart recovery emails. Plus, Soundest offers signup forms that you can use to grow your list of addresses for email newsletters or messages about special offers. This email marketing plugin for BigCommerce also includes support for email scheduling, sales tracking, customer segmentation, and detailed reports, making it a great tool for businesses both large and small.
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conversio email marketing bigcommerce apps

Conversio makes it possible for you to automatically send abandoned cart recovery emails to your clients, which can definitely help you improve your store’s sales and profits. This email marketing app for BigCommerce also enables you to request product reviews and feedback from your customers, providing you and your store’s shoppers with vital information. Plus, Conversio offers a drag and drop template builder, which makes it simple for you to create beautiful and professional messages even if you don’t have a lot of technical ability.

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contactpigeon email marketing bigcommerce apps

This email marketing BigCommerce app offers rich segmentation, which means you can send targeted messages to specific groups of clients. Plus, ContactPigeon comes with support for marketing automation, and it includes real-time advanced reporting to help you immediately see the impact of your messages and campaigns. This BigCommerce plugin for email marketing also featurs drag and drop templates that you can use to create messages filled with product recommendations for your clients.

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