5 of the Best Facebook Shopify Apps

If you want to use Facebook to help increase your store’s traffic and sales, then you have to check out our favorite Facebook Shopify apps.  These apps enable you to sell and showcase your products on your company’s Facebook page, and they come with useful features like statistics and analytics, promotional tools, optional like-gating, support for unlimited stores and items, support for multiple languages and currencies, and more.  Plus, we’ve found a Shopify app that helps you determine how well your promoted Facebook posts are performing, and the posts you should boost to see the best return on your investment.



StoreYa, an app for Shopify, will automatically import all of your store’s products to Facebook, making it easy for you to create and manage a Facebook shop.  This Shopify app features real-time statistics, promotional tools, easy integration, support for lots of currencies and languages, secure checkout, a sharing box to help you promote your Facebook store on other social networks like Twitter, Pinterest, and Google+, and more.

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This Shopify app will track your promoted posts on Facebook, providing you with useful information to help you determine the effectiveness of your social media ad campaigns, such as the sales associated with a particular post.  Plus, PropelAd will tell you which Facebook posts you should boost based on how likely they are to go viral, taking a lot of the guess work out of online marketing campaigns.

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Facebook Store


Facebook Store, an app created by Shopify, will enable you to sell your items on your store’s Facebook page, which can help you increase your site’s traffic and brand awareness.  This Shopify Facebook app comes with lots of useful features, including layout customization, optional like-gating (requiring people to like your page before they can see your store), real-time updates, easy setup via your Shopify admin area, and more.

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Beetailer — Your Store on Facebook


This Shopify Facebook app will help you integrate your existing store into your site’s page, and it supports multiple fan pages for a single shop, such as brands targeting more than one country.  Beetailer — Your Store on Facebook also comes with marketing tools to help you automate promotions, detailed statistical information to help you assess the efficacy of campaigns, Facebook comment integration, and more.

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Fliptabify, an app for Shopify, makes it easy to showcase your items on your company’s Facebook page, and it supports unlimited pages and products.  Plus, this Shopify app includes optional like-gating to help you increase the number of people who like your Facebook page, and it allows you to choose which collections to display on Facebook, as well as which collection to show when users visit your company’s Facebook store.

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