5 of the Best Image Theft Protection Shopify Apps

If you’re tired of people stealing images from your store’s website, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  We’ve found Shopify apps to help you add watermarks to your product photos or disable the right-click option to prevent downloading, and they come with cool features like live customization, backup and restore, support for mobile devices, and more.

Fat Pig Watermark

fat pig image theft protection shopify apps

Fat Pig Watermark allows you to easily create custom watermarks, and it lets you choose the size, font, color, opacity, placement, and size of the text.  Plus, this Shopify app comes with live customization, support for uploading your own watermark image, backup and restore features, and more.

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Image Safe

image theft protection shopify apps safe

This Shopify app helps you stop people from stealing your photos by disabling the right-click option, so they can’t download images from your website.  Plus, this Shopify app is compatible with mobile devices like smartphones and tablets, and it’s very easy to install.

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Image FineTuner

image theft protection shopify apps finetuner

Image FineTuner lets you easily add watermarks or text to your product images, which can discourage people from stealing photos from your store.  This Shopify app lets you upload your own watermark image, or you can use the user-friendly interface to create a watermark with the help of multiple font, color, and pattern options.

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photolock image theft protection shopify apps

This Shopify app disables the right-click option on your website, so people are unable to download images from your store.  Plus, Photolock comes with cross-browser compatibility, support for mobile devices like tablets and phones, easy installation, and more.

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Image Watermarker

image theft protection shopify apps watermarker

Image Watermarker lets you add text or a custom logo to your product photos, and it will even automatically display watermarks on new images as they’re added to your website.  If you choose to use text to protect your images, you can use this Shopify app’s interface to choose the placement, font, opacity, and size of your watermark.

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