5 of the Best Low Stock Shopify Apps

If you’re looking for an easy way to see when you’re running out of a particular item, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  All of these Shopify apps are designed to help you find out when your inventory is low, and it come with great features like automatic email notifications, support for custom thresholds, product exclusions, and more.

Low Inventory Viewer

low inventory shopify apps viewer

This Shopify app allows you to quickly see when you need to order more of a particular product, and it even lets you set you up automatic email notifications to alert you when you have less then a specific number of items in stock.  Plus, Low Inventory Viewer enables you to search by SKUs and product names, filter by variants and product types, and sort by inventory quantities and product names.

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stockbot low inventory shopify apps

StockBot will send you notifications when your inventory falls below your chosen thresholds, and you can even receive daily or weekly emails with reports of items that are low in stock.  This Shopify app also lets you choose to exclude certain products from your alerts, and it will even automatically hide merchandise with low inventory from from the front-end of your store’s website.

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Advanced Admin Email Notifications

advanced email notifications low inventory shopify apps

This Shopify app allows you to set up automatic email notifications to alert you when your products are out out of stock or close to being sold out.  Advanced Admin Email Notifications also lets you configure lots of other types of alerts, so you can find out immediately when payments are refunded, orders are fulfilled, and products are deleted.

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Stock Alerts by Booster Apps

stock alerts low inventory shopify apps

Stock Alerts will send you an email when your inventory falls below your chosen level, and it lets you set specific thresholds for individual items, so you can choose one limit for the small version and another limit for the large variation.  Plus, this Shopify app lets you choose the exact time you receive your daily emails and alerts, so you can deal with low stock notifications when it’s convenient for you.

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Inventory Notifications

low inventory shopify apps notifications

This Shopify app will tell you via email when you’re close to running out of certain products, and it lets you choose the threshold your inventory needs to reach before a notification is sent.  Inventory Notifications is very easy to install and configure, making it a great tool to help you avoid running out of items.

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