5 of the Best Shopify Apps for Custom Products

If you want your customers to be able to personalize your products, or you simply want an easy way to sell your custom designs, then you have to check out our favorite Shopify apps for custom products. 

Customization Engine


If you want your store’s customers to be able to personalize your merchandise, then you have to try Customization Engine.  This Shopify app will allow your customers to add text or images to your items and preview the results, making it a great tool for any shop that wants to sell customizable products.

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Product Builder

product builder shopify app

Product Builder is an advanced Shopify app which enables users to create completely custom products, and it is currently being used by stores selling ladders, headbands, guitars, trophies, fishing rods, and more.  This Shopify app includes inventory tracking, support for 2D and 3D product images, conditional logic options, and more.

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printful shopify app

If you have your own designs that you want to print on items like t-shirts, mugs, totes, and posters, but you don’t have the necessary equipment and supplies, then you have to check out Printful.  When someone orders one of your custom designs on an item, the order will be automatically sent to Printful, and they will create the item and send it directly to the recipient.

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Product Customizer

product customizer shopify app

With Product Customizer, an app for Shopify, you can easily offer unlimited customization options to your customers, allowing them to personalize your products with their own images and text.  Plus, this Shopify app allows you to designate required fields, save sets of customization options, and more.

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Product Options

product options shopify app

If you want any easy to create and apply customization options to your store’s items, then you have to try Product Options.  This Shopify app allows you to offer personalization options using radio buttons, checkboxes, text boxes, and dropdowns, as well as save a set of options which you can then easily apply to other products or groups of products.

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