5 of the Best Shopify Apps for Selling Digital Products

If you’re looking for a plugin to help you sell intangible items like video, audio, software, ebook, and image files, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps are designed for selling digital products, and they come useful features like automatic delivery, detailed analytics and statistics for tracking sales and downloads, support for multiple languages, and more.

SendOwl – sell digital files

sendowl shopify apps selling digital products

This Shopify app for selling digital products is designed to help your store store offer intangible merchandise, such as videos, podcasts, images, ebooks, patterns, software, and music.  SendOwl – sell digital files will automatically provide download links on order completion pages, in custom account sections, or in email messages, providing you with lots of different ways of delivering intangible items.  Plus, this Shopify plugin includes support for multiple languages, a responsive download page for mobile devices, analytics to help you track sales, support for video streaming, and more.
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Digital Downloads

shopify apps selling digital products downloads

Digital Downloads is a free Shopify app that enables you to sell intangible items via your store, and it even lets you combine a digital product with a physical one, such as an ebook with a hard copy.  This Shopify for digital products allows you to provide your customers with a direct download link on a confirmation page after they place an order, and it will also send them the same link via email.  Plus, Digital Downloads will automatically notify your clients when updates are available, so they’ll always have the latest versions of your products.

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Digital Content Sales with DRM – Flickrocket

shopify apps selling digital products content sales

This Shopify app for digital products is designed to help you sell video, HTML content packages, PDF and ePub files, music, software, and audio books.  Pus, Digital Content Sales with DRM – Flickrocket uses encrypted licenses to help you prevent people from sharing or pirating your merchandise, and it includes support for lots of different platforms and devices, including Android, ChromeCast, iOS, Windows, AirPlay, MacOS, Kindle, MiraCast, and SmartTVs.

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Sky Pilot

sky pilot shopify apps selling digital products

Sky Pilot is a plugin designed to help people sell lots of different types of intangible items, including PDFs, image files, and music, as well as streaming and downloadable videos.  This Shopify app for digital products also allows you to attach more than one file to a product, set expiration dates for access, limit downloads, set up abuse alerts, customize delivery pages, and more.

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fetchapp shopify apps selling digital products

This Shopify app for digital products comes with extremely easy integration, and it’s designed to help users sell software, forms, PDFs, artwork, videos, music, photos, ebooks, and any other types of files.  FetchApp includes automatic delivery, secure file hosting, detailed statistics to help you track sales and downloads in real-time, the ability to restrict downloads by time and quantity, and more.

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