5 of the Best Twitter Shopify Plugins

If you want to integrate Twitter into your online store, then you have to check out these Shopify plugins.  We’ve found Shopify plugins to help you add a Twitter feed to your website, automatically tweet your bestselling products, offer your customers discounts in exchange for sharing your items on Twitter, create lookbooks using photos from Twitter, and more.

POWr Twitter Feed

powr twitter shopify plugins feed

This Shopify plugin allows you to easily display a Twitter feed on your store’s website using specific hashtags or usernames, and it comes with support for multiple languages and a responsive layout.  Plus, POWr Twitter Feed also lets you choose the number of tweets you want to showcase in your feed, and it includes customization options to help you change your feed’s font, background, colors, size, and spacing.

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bestsellers twitter shopify plugins

BestSellers makes it easy for you to promote your store and merchandise by automatically tweeting your most popular products to your  Twitter followers.  This Shopify plugin lets you customize the content of your tweets, and it comes with a scheduling feature, support for multiple tweet templates, and easy installation and configuration.

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Share for Discounts

share for discounts twitter shopify plugins

This Shopify plugin encourages people to follow your company on Twitter or share your products with their followers in exchange for a discount code, and it includes support for unlimited promo boxes.  Plus, Share for Discounts offers easy integration, cross-browser compatibility, and simple box and button customization.

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promotify twitter shopify plugins

Promotify lets you create beautiful lookbooks using images posted by your customers on Twitter using specific hashtags, and it even lets you tag products in the photos to make them shoppable.  This Shopify plugin also includes a moderation option, so you can choose which images to display on your website, and you can customize the appearance of your lookbooks.

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twitter shopify plugins

This Shopify plugin makes it easy for you to send tweets with links to your products that your followers can click on to buy your merchandise without even leaving Twitter.  This Shopify app also allows you to include descriptions and photos of your items in your tweets, which can encourage people to find out more about your store’s products.

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