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5 of the Best Virtual Fitting Room Shopify Apps

If you want your customers to be able to better visualize how they will look in your products, including clothing, make up, jewelry, glasses, hats, scarves, and colored contact lenses, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps let shoppers virtually try on items, which can help decrease returns and increase revenue.


jewelfie virtual fitting room shopify apps

If you want to improve the way your store sells jewelry, then you have to check out this virtual fitting room Shopify app.  Simply by uploading images of themselves, Jewelfie helps your customers better visualize how your products will look on them, which can make your customers more confident about ordering from your website.

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Make-up Magic Mirror HTML5 Widget

make up magic virtual fitting room shopify apps

This Shopify app lets your site’s visitors virtually try out different types of cosmetics, including self-tanner, foundation, eyeshadow, lipstick, and blush, making it a fun and interactive way to shop for beauty products.  Plus, Make-up Magic Mirror offers easy installation and customization, and it supports an unlimited number of items.

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virtusize virtual fitting room shopify apps

Virtusize is a great tool for clothing stores because it lets shoppers compare the fit of items they already love with the products they see online.  Customers can create a visual representation of their ideal garment by entering the measurements of the item, or they can select a piece of clothing they previously purchased from your company, and then they can compare the shape and size of this article of clothing with the silhouettes of garments generated using the measurements of the products you sell.

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dressy virtual fitting room shopify apps

This virtual fitting room Shopify app lets your customers see what they would look in your items by allowing them to upload pictures of themselves or choosing a model with similar features, as well as entering their measurements or selecting the size they wear in a specific brand.  Dressy also comes with social sharing support, so your clients can get feedback from their friends about how they look in your store’s clothing.

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The Magic Mirror – Fashion, optics, jewelry

the magic mirror virtual fitting room shopify apps

The Magic Mirror lets shoppers virtually try on lots of different types of products, including jewelry, glasses, clothing, accessories, make up, and colored contact lenses, and it comes with a customizable graphic layout, HTML5 code, and easy implementation.  If you’re looking for a tool to help you increase your store’s sales and decrease customer returns, then you have to check out this virtual fitting room Shopify app.

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