6 of the Best Shopify Apps for Events

If you need to promote an event for your online store, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps help you sell tickets for events, create image galleries or sliders to showcase photos for events, display a calendar of upcoming events, add a timer to your website to count down to an event, and more.

Evey Event Management

evey event shopify apps

This Shopify app makes it easy for you to sell tickets to events, and it comes with customizable PDF tickets, iCal and Passbook integration, and support for exporting or importing CSV files of your attendees.  Evey Event Management also comes with support for manually transferring tickets or adding attendees, multiple types of tickets and pricing levels, and checking in attendees via mobile devices like phones and tablets.

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POWr Event Gallery

powr event shopify apps gallery

POWr Event Gallery lets you showcase images of your upcoming events with beautiful galleries, and it offers easy color, font, background, and border customization.  Plus, this Shopify app includes social media integration to help your customers share your events on sites like Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, and it comes with a responsive design and support for PayPal payments.

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Events Calendar

event shopify apps calendar

This Shopify app lets you display upcoming events on your website via a mobile-friendly calendar, and it offers 3 layout options for you to choose from.  Events Calendar also comes with support for 25 different languages, easy color customization, automatic syncing with Google Calendar, cross-browser compatibility, and more.

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POWr Countdown Timer

powr countdown timer event shopify apps

If you want to get your customers excited about your upcoming events, then you have to check out POWR Countdown Timer.  This Shopify app will display a timer on your store’s site that you can set to count up or down to any date, and it includes easy color, font, border, and background customization, dynamic animations, and a responsive design.

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Neowauk Events

neowauk event shopify apps

Neowauk Events is designed to help you promote lots of different types of marketing events for your business, such as social media, email subscription, image recognition, and survey contests.  Plus, this Shopify app includes dynamic popups to encourage your visitors to participate, and it comes with an email campaign manager, support for single use discounts, easy social media integration, and more.

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POWr Event Slider

powr event shopify apps slider

This Shopify app allows you to showcase your upcoming events using a beautiful slider, and it offers easy color, background, font, and border customization. POWr Event Slider also includes a responsive design, so it will look great on mobile devices like phones and tablets, and it comes with support for PayPal payments and donations.

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