7 of the Best Shopify Apps for Christmas

If you want to get your online store ready for the holidays, then you have to check out our favorite Shopify apps for Christmas.  We’ve found Shopify plugins to help you decorate your website with snow and ornaments, display a countdown timer showing the number of days left until Christmas, tell your customers when they need to purchase an item in order to receive it on time for the holidays, and more.  By using these Shopify apps and plugins, you should be able to improve your store’s sales and profits this holiday shopping season.

White Christmas

white christmas shopify apps

This Shopify apps will help you get your shoppers in the holiday spirit by adding a snow effect to your store’s website, as well as festive Christmas decorations.  Plus, White Christmas comes with five different carols for you to choose from, so your customers will hear cheery music while they’re browsing your site, and it has a responsive design, ensuring your store will still look great on tablets and phones.

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POWr Holiday Countdown

powr holiday countdown christmas shopify apps

If you want to get your store’s customers excited about the holidays while reminding them of the number of shopping days they have left until Christmas, then you have to check out this Shopify app.  POWr Holiday Countdown will display a timer on your website that tells your shoppers the exact amount of time they have left to buy holiday gifts, and it features a responsive design, so it’s compatible with mobile devices.  Plus, this Shopify app comes with customization options to help you change the timer’s font, background, border, color, and more.

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seasonal christmas shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you add festive decorations to your online store, such as snow, Christmas trees, and snowmen, to help you spread holiday cheer to your shoppers.  Plus, Seasonal comes with a scheduling option, so you can choose exactly when you want to automatically decorate your store’s website for Christmas, making it a great app for busy people.

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Order Deadline

order deadline christmas shopify apps

If you want your store’s customers to know exactly when they need to purchase a gift in order to have it delivered to their home or the recipient by Christmas, then you have to check out Order Deadline.  This Shopify app comes with four countdown timers for you to choose from, support for multiple languages and delivery locations, a responsive design, customizable messaging, timezone detection, and more.

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Snow Flake

snowflake christmas shopify apps

This simple Shopify app lets you quickly and easily decorate your ecommerce site for Christmas by adding falling snow to your online store.  Snow Flake includes a number of customization options, so you can change the speed, size, and color of your falling snow, and it offers a responsive design, so your shop’s site will look great on smartphones and tablets.

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Quick Announcement Bar by Hextom

quick announcement bar christmas shopify apps

Quick Announcement Bar will display your custom message on your website to help you wish your customers a Merry Christmas, tell them about your latest holiday sales, or inform them of delivery deadlines .  Plus, this Shopify app comes with a scheduling option, advanced geo-targeting, a responsive design for mobile devices, support for multiple rotating announcement bars, performance tracking, and more.

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Easy Snow Effect

easy snow effect christmas shopify apps

This Shopify app will add falling snow to the homepage of your shop, making it a fun tool for getting your customers into the Christmas spirit.  Easy Snow Effect comes with user-friendly color customization, simple installation, a responsive design for phones and tablets, and more.

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Hopefully at least one of these Shopify plugins and apps will help you get your store ready for Christmas, enabling you to make the most of the extremely important holiday shopping season.

Cat McAuli

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