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7 of the Best Shopify Apps for Polls, Quizzes, & Surveys

If you’re looking for some plugins to help you get feedback from your store’s shoppers, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps allow you to create polls, quizzes, and surveys, so you can find out what your customers think of your products, customer service, and website.  Plus, these Shopify apps come with lots of useful features, including easy design customization, responsive layouts for mobile devices, detailed analytics and reporting, support for multiple languages, and more.

Quick Polls

quick polls surveys quizzes shopify apps

This Shopify app makes it easy for you to create polls that you can use to get feedback from your store’s visitors, and it comes with MailChimp integration to help you get more people added to your mailing list.  Plus, Quick Polls lets you add images to your polls, customize the colors and fonts uses in your polls, and allow your customers to respond to questions using Emojis and star ratings.  This Shopify app comes with a dashboard that you can use to view responses to your polls, and it enables you to download the answers to your questions as a CSV file.

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customerguru polls surveys quizzes shopify apps

Customer.guru enables you to find out if your clients will recommend your store and products to their friends by making it easy for to ask that simple question.  Your customers can rank this likelihood on a scale of 0 to 10, so you can see who your most satisfied shoppers are.  This Shopify survey app comes with support for multiple languages, Slack, Facebook, and Google Adwords integration, a customizable thank you page, and more.

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survicate polls surveys quizzes shopify apps

This Shopify plugin allows you to create surveys to get valuable feedback from your customers, and it features a responsive design, so your clients can answer questions using their smartphones and tablets.  Plus, Survicate comes with detailed analytics and reporting to help you view and filter responses, and it lets your store’s visitors respond to your questions by selecting a single answer, multiple responses, entering their own feedback, or providing a rating on a three point scale.

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PollCart Social Commerce

pollcart polls surveys quizzes shopify apps

PollCart Social Commerce allows your store’s shoppers to ask their friends and family for their feedback before they purchase something from website, making it a cool and interactive way for people to make decisions about the products they buy.  This Shopify app will send a simple poll to a shopper’s designated contacts via text or email, and if the majority of these people approve of the purchase, the order will be placed automatically.

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startquestion polls surveys quizzes shopify apps

This Shopify app allows you to build surveys so you can learn how someone found your site, if they’ll recommend your store, or why they didn’t complete their order.  With Startquestion, you can use their responses to gain a better understanding of your shoppers, as well as find out the changes you can make to improve your products, customer service, usability, and site design.

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Qualaroo – Surveys to grow your store

qualaroo polls surveys quizzes shopify apps

Qualaroo makes it easy for you to create surveys to gather useful feedback from your customers, and it comes with lots of great features, including skip logic that allows you ask questions based on earlier answers.  Plus, this survey Shopify app comes with easy installation and configuration, a library of questions for you to choose from, compatibility with mobile devices, support for exit surveys, simple design customization, and more.

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Secondlayer Visitor Surveys

secondlayer polls surveys quizzes shopify apps

This Shopify app allows you to build various surveys that you can automatically present to your shoppers based on where they are on your website, so they might be asked on the homepage about how they found your site, while on the thank you page you could ask them to rate their overall shopping experience.  Plus, Secondlayer Visitor Surveys comes with easy design customization, MailChimp integration, support for mobile devices, and more.

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