Indispensable Shopify Apps For Low Stock Alerts

If you’re inundated with orders and having a hard time keeping track of your inventory levels, then you have to check out these Shopify apps. These Shopify plugins will automatically alert you when you’re running low on products, and they come with useful features, including support for multiple locations and users, responsive designs, and forecasting tools.

StockBot Low Stock Alert

shopify apps plugins low stock alerts

If you’re tired of running out of your customers’ favorite products, then you have to check out StockBot Low Stock Alert. This Shopify app will automatically email you a list of items when their stock levels fall below amounts set by you, making it easy for you to know when you need to order more items. Plus, this Shopify plugin allows you to choose how often you want to receive low stock alerts, so you can get notifications hourly, daily, or weekly, and it even comes with a forecasting tool to help you better predict the amount of inventory you should keep on hand.

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Low Stock Alert

This low stock alert Shopify plugin will let you know when your items dip below a certain level by automatically sending you a daily email notification listing all of the products you’re running low on. Plus, Low Stock Alert allows you to choose the exact days and times you want to receive email notifications, and it even lets you export a CSV file of your low stock items, so you can manipulate this information however you see fit. Also, this Shopify app enables you to set custom email addresses for each alert rule, allowing people who are in charge of certain items or collections to receive relevant notifications.

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Low Stock Notifier

Low Stock Notifier allows you to set stock threshold levels for your products, and it will instantly notify you via Slack or email when items fall below the designated levels. Plus, this Shopify app will automatically attach CSV files of low stock products to your emails, and it comes with support for unlimited notifications. Also, this Shopify plugin includes a user-friendly editor to help you create email templates, and it enables you to filter product variants based on rules.

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Low Inventory Alert Guru

This Shopify app will track your store’s inventory and automatically notify you via email when products are out of stock or running low, both online and in store. Low Inventory Alert Guru has a responsive design, so you can download reports and view daily stock data on your phone or tablet, and you can choose which days of the week you want to get notifications. Also, this Shopify plugin allows you to have low stock alerts sent to multiple people, and you can mute notifications for with a single click.

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