11 of the Best Shopify Apps for Gifts

If you want to make your online store a more appealing place for people to shop for gifts for their loved ones, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  These Shopify apps allow you to offer a gift wrapping service, sell physical and digital gift cards, and provide support for gift registries and wishlists that people can use to tell their friends and family members which items they’d like to receive from your store.  Plus, we’ve found Shopify plugins that will enable people to purchase products for their friends as gifts while allowing the recipients to choose their desired sizes, colors, and shipping addresses, taking a lot of hassle out of buying presents for holidays and special occasions.

Gift Wizard

gift shopify apps wizard

Gift Wizard enables people to purchase your products as gifts, even if they don’t know the recipient’s address, size, or desired color.  This Shopify app for gifts will send an email to the recipient asking them to provide their mailing address and preferences, so they’ll get the exact item they want delivered to their desired location.  Plus, this plugin comes with detailed statistics that you can use to gain insight into the behavior of your customers, and it’s very easy to install and configure.

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Gift Wrap Plus

gift shopify apps wrap plus

This Shopify app allows you to offer a gift wrapping service to your store’s customers, which can help you increase your company’s revenue and sales.  Gift Wrap Plus enables you to offer this service for every product in your shop, or you can choose to only offer gift wrapping for certain collections or items.  This Shopify plugin lets you choose the amount you want to charge for gift wrapping, and it even allows your clients to include personalized notes with their presents.

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Shopkeeper Gift Cards Shopify Gift Card App

shopkeeper gift shopify apps cards

Shopkeeper Gift Cards Shopify Gift Card App makes it easy for you to sell mobile and printable gift cards to your customers that they can give as presents to their friends and families.  This Shopify app for gifts comes with hundreds of card designs for you to choose from, so shoppers should be able to find the right options for their special occasions, and you can add your logo to the designs while your clients can include personal notes with their cards.

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Drop a Hint Premium

drop a hint gift shopify apps

This Shopify app lets your customers send digital cards to their friends and family members, telling them which items from your store they’d like to receive as gifts.  Drop a Hint Premium comes with 4 customizable card designs for you to choose from, and you’ll receive real-time notifications when someone sends a hint.  Plus, this Shopify plugin for gifts lets you automatically send promo codes to both the senders and receivers of hints, which can help you increase your sales and revenue.

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Gift Reggie

gift shopify apps reggie

Gift Reggie lets you offer a gift registry feature to your store’s customers, so they can set up lists of items they’d like receive as presents for their birthdays, weddings, or new babies.  Plus, this Shopify app comes with social sharing, support for multiple languages, a white label design, customizable email notifications, easy integration, an analytics dashboard for tracking activity and sales, and more.

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Gift Card Auto Fulfill

gift shopify apps card auto fulfill

This Shopify enables you to sell digital gift cards that recipients can use to purchase items from your store, and it’s very easy for you to install and configure. Gift Card Auto Fulfill will automatically send gift cards to recipients via email after payment has been received, so you don’t have to get involved in the fulfillment process.

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Gift Checkout

gift shopify apps checkout

Gift Checkout lets you add cool features to your online store to make it a great place for people to purchase presents for their loved ones, and it’s very easy to install and configure.  This Shopify app allows you to offer a gift wrapping service and branded eCards and tangible greeting cards, and it comes with support for multiple languages, the ability to choose which products you’re willing to wrap, and more.

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Wishtack – Social Gift Wishlist and Registry

wishtack gift shopify apps

This Shopify app lets your customers create registries and wishlists to help their loved ones purchase the perfect gifts for their birthdays, weddings, or baby showers, and it offers easy installation.  Plus, Wishtack – Social Gift Wishlist and Registry will share products with your clients’ Facebook friends every time they add items to their lists and registries, which can help more people see the awesome merchandise you have to offer.

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Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards

shopkeeper branded gift shopify apps

Shopkeeper Branded Gift Cards lets you sell digital gift cards to your store’s customers, and you can customize the appearance of the cards by adding your logo and changing the cover and background images.  This Shopify plugin lets you create gift cards that your clients can print or send to their friends via email, complete with a cool animation.

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Easy e-Gift Checkout

easy e gift shopify apps checkout

This Shopify app lets your customers purchase items from your store as gifts, but it leaves the colors and sizes of the products up to the recipients, making it a great way to reduce returns and exchanges.  Easy e-Gift Checkout will send an email to the recipient requesting their address and desired size and color, and it includes monthly reports to help you see customer data and feedback, redemption times, and product performance.

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viigii gift shopify apps

When someone purchases a product from your store as a gift, viigii will give them the option of sending a message to the recipient before they receive the item.  This message includes an animation that allows them to virtually unwrap their present, making it a fun and unique experience for the recipient, and the gift giver can include a personal message that the recipient can reply to with a note of appreciation.

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