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5 of the Best Instagram Shopify Apps

If you want to integrate the popular photo sharing social network Instagram into your online store, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  All of these Shopify apps are designed to help you incorporate Instagram into your website, and they come with great features like multiple gallery layout options, responsive designs, moderation support, analytics dashboards, post scheduling, and more.

Jumbliss – Advertise With Instagram

jumbliss instagram shopify apps feature

Jumbliss lets you display images from Instagram on your website, which will help show your store’s shoppers how much your customers love your products.  Plus, this Shopify app has a responsive layout, so the pictures will look great on phones and tablets, and it lets you choose which images to show based on specified usernames or hashtags.

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Foursixty – Shoppable Instagram Galleries | Social Commerce

foursixty instagram shopify apps feature

This Shopify app allows you to add galleries of Instagram photos of your merchandise to your store’s site which shoppers can click on and to add the items to their carts, and it includes 3 different customizable templates for you to choose from.  Foursixty also offers an analytics dashboard to help you track clicks and support for mobile devices, and it lets you moderate images before they appear on your website and schedule posts in advance.

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instapictures instagram shopify apps feature

InstaPictures lets you share your company’s and your customers’ images on your website using account names and hashtags, and it comes with vertical scroll, grid, and horizontal scroll layouts.  Plus, this Shopify app lets you customize the size and appearance of the pictures, and it includes support for unlimited widgets.

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Have2Have.it – Make Instagram Shoppable by Soldsie

have2haveit instagram shopify apps feature

This Shopify enables you to create shoppable galleries of Instagram photos which your customers can click on and purchase products, making it a fun and easy way for people to browse your website.  Have2have.it also comes with an iPhone app, so you can manage your feed and schedule posts from your smartphone, and it includes analytics to help you track the number of clicks your images receive.

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SocialShopWave Instaphotos

socialshopwave instagram shopify apps feature

SocialShopWave Instaphotos allows you to showcase pictures from Instagram on your store’s website, and it includes support for manual moderation or automatic approval.  Plus, this Shopify app lets you choose photos based on hashtags and usernames, and it includes grid and slideshow layouts, support for unlimited image galleries, easy product linking, and more.

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