6 of the Best Fraud Prevention Shopify Apps

If you want to protect your business from costly, time-consuming, and frustrating fraudulent orders, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  We’ve found Shopify apps for fraud prevention, and they come with cool features like risk scoring, customizable rules, chargeback protection, and more.

Fraud Filter

fraud prevention shopify apps filter

This Shopify app lets you set up custom filters to prevent certain customers from placing fraudulent orders.  For example, you can use Fraud Filter to cancel orders from anyone with a particular email address and then automatically re-stock the item, send a cancellation email, and refund their payment, or you can create a custom filter to simply flag their order in the admin area because they use certain email provider.

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Fraud and Chargeback Protection

fraud and chargeback protection fraud prevention shopify apps

This Shopify app automatically reviews order information like IP addresses, phone numbers, and mailing address to generate a fraud score, and then you can use this data to decide whether or not you want to accept or decline an order.  Plus, Fraud and Chargeback Protection has a shared blacklist comprised of fraudulent users from all of their clients, and it still works when fraudsters are using smartphones and tablets.

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FraudLabs Pro Fraud Prevention

fraudlabs fraud prevention shopify apps

This Shopify app will evaluate lots of different information from potential customers, including their usernames, passwords, credit card issuing banks, email addresses, geolocations, devices, and proxy detection, and then it will inform you of any risks and their recommended action.  Plus, Fraudlabs Pro Fraud Prevention includes support for custom rules, as well mobile app and email notifications of fraudulent orders.

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Merchant Protector – Fraud Prevention

merchant protector fraud prevention shopify apps

Merchant Protector creates a detailed report about the likelihood of an order being fraudulent using information like checkout attempts, geolocation, billing and shipping addresses, order histories, the presence of viruses, order sizes, and more.  Plus, this Shopify app will get to know your store over time, and so it will be able to more intelligently detect characteristics of fraudulent orders that are unique to your company.

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Total Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

total fraud prevention shopify apps

This Shopify utilizes information like user locations, IP addresses, and email domains to provide you with a fraud risk score to help you distinguish hackers from legitimate customers.  Total Fraud and Chargeback Prevention also pools information about fraudsters from all of their customers, so you can keep your store safe by taking advantage of this large network of data.

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Subuno Fraud and Chargeback Prevention

subuno fraud prevention shopify apps

Subuno will automatically cancel, hold, or flag suspicious orders, and it includes chargeback protection for international and domestic purchases.  This Shopify comes with a manual review dashboard, a customizable rules engine, and risk scoring, and it uses more than 20 tools to evaluate potentially fraudulent orders, includes device tracking, BIN validation, proxy detection, smart AVS filtering, and more.

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