7 of the Best Live Chat Shopify Apps

If you’re looking for a tool to help you communicate with customers and potentially increase sales and reduce shopping cart abandonment, then you have to check out these live chat Shopify apps.  All of these Shopify apps let you chat with your site’s visitors, and they come with useful features like mobile support, easy chat window customization, reports, analytics, auto responders, and more.

Free live chat + Chatbot

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In addition to standard live chat features designed to help your staff speak with visitors to your store, this Shopify app also includes a robot agent option which allows you to communicate with customers 24 hours a day.  This Shopify app will automatically create question and answer sets based on conversations between you and your customers, which automated agents can deliver to visitors when live agents aren’t available.

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Pure Chat – Live Chat Software

pure chat live chat shopify apps

Pure Chat is a live chat Shopify app that comes with lots of great features, including mobile support, easy chat window customization, daily reports, canned responses, and chat transcripts.  Plus, this Shopify app has a dashboard which provides lots of useful information about your visitors, including their referral sources, IP addresses, and locations.

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Chatnox Live Chat

chatnox live chat shopify apps

This Shopify live chat app allows you to send chat invitations to people browsing your online store, enabling you to proactively engage potential customers.  Chatnox also allows you to automatically send messages to visitors based on specific criteria, such as the length of time they’ve been on your site, the country they are from, and the page of your website they are currently viewing.

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Chatra Live Chat + Cart Saver

chatra live chat shopify apps

Chatra includes mobile apps for Apple and Android to let your staff chat with customers from their mobile devices, and it also helps you reduce cart abandonment by automatically contacting visitors who are stuck on the checkout page of your site.  This Shopify live chat app allows you to see what customers are typing in real time, and it comes with spellcheck to help catch your agents’ typos.

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Reamaze Customer Support + Live Chat

reamaze live chat shopify apps

This live chat Shopify app lets you view all of your email and social networking communications in a single place, making it easy for you to stay on top of conversations with your customers.  Reamaze offers support for YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, and email, and it includes customizable email templates, auto responders, reports, automated workflows, external and internal knowledgebases, and more.

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HappyFox Chat

happyfox live chat shopify apps

HappyFox helps you offer better service to your visitors by providing you with useful data about your customers when you’re chatting with them, including cart information and previous orders.  Plus, this live chat Shopify app comes with lots of cool features, including, chat transfer, easy widget customization, unlimited concurrent chats, canned responses, and triggered chats.

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tawkto live chat shopify apps

This free Shopify app lets you easily communicate with your website’s visitors, and it offers mobile support, easy chat window customization, and a user-friendly dashboard.  tawk.to also provides live visitor information, so you can see where the people on your site are from and the page they are viewing in your online store.

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