7 of the Best Shopify Slider Apps

If you want to add a dynamic slider to your ecommerce website, then you have to check out these Shopify apps.  All of these Shopify apps are designed to help you create and manage slideshows, and they come with great features like responsive layouts, social sharing, video support, easy customization, and more.

Banner Slider

banner slider shopify apps

This Shopify app includes lots of different types of sliders for you to choose from, and it offers SEO and speed optimization.  Plus, Banner Slider lets you schedule start and end times for banners, and it comes with a responsive layout and touch support.

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POWr Image Slider

powr image slider shopify apps

POWr Image Slider enables you to add a slideshow of images or videos to your online store, and it has a responsive layout, so it will look great on tablets, smart phones, laptops, and PCs.  This Shopify app also offers easy customization, so you can make your slider’s colors, backgrounds, borders, and fonts match the look of your website.

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Product Slider Plus

product slider shopify apps plus

This Shopify app lets you quickly create a slider for your online store using your product images, and it allows you to choose which pages of your website will feature your slideshow.  Product Slider Plus also enables you to customize the slider’s color and height, as well as the time between each slide.

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OT Accordion Slider

ot accordion slider shopify apps

If you want to add a unique slideshow on your website, then you have to check out this Shopify app.  OT Accordion Slider has a cool accordion design, and it includes smooth animations, touch support, a responsive layout, a shortcode feature, and more.

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Full Width Background Slider (FWB Slider)

fwb slider shopify apps

FWB Slider allows you to add a full width background slider to your online store, which helps keep the focus on your products.  This Shopify app comes with support for 10 different slides, it’s extremely easy for you to configure, and it’s compatible with lots of different browsers.

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Lookbook Cloud

lookbook cloud slider shopify apps

If you want to create an interactive slider to help you display various collections on your website, then you have to check out this Shopify app.  Lookbook Cloud lets you add multiple hotspots to slideshow images, and it has a responsive layout, easy customization, and Google Analytics support.

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POWr Video Slider

powr video slider shopify apps

This Shopify app lets you build a slideshow using Vimeo and YouTube videos, and it offers a responsive layout and easy font and color customization.  Plus, POWr Video Slider includes social sharing, so your store’s visitors can show your videos to their friends on Google+, Facebook, and Twitter.

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